Clever Euphemisms

Watch and learn what I mean.


You’re always worthy of someone’s love. Never forget that. You can be the most pitiful, most disgusting, most obnoxious, most terrible person that exists in this world.

But someone’s worthy of your love and they’re worthy of yours.

Don’t ever forget that.

I would love to show you the spectacular views from Clingmans Dome, but I’m standing IN a cloud!
On a side note, just out of frame is couple getting their Half Mile High Club. For when you want to do it some place more spacious, yet LESS comfortable than an airplane bathroom.

The Grand Scheme of Things

They tell us to let it be. They tell us that everything will turn out for the better. They tell us that the universe is unfolding as it should. 

So if the universe is unfolding as it should, does that mean that my suffering (and the collective suffering of humanity) is right, proper, and truly the grand scheme of things? 

If this is the plan, then why should I be happy about it? I’m mad as hell, because this plan sounds like shit.

Being a pallbearer is really weird. It feels like you’re carrying a box, but you’re also conveying a loved one into the next world. Except, they already went, so what are we doing again?

Sorry, let’s rewind to before someone killed my grandmother. 

"It’s like some Greek fucking tragedy. Star crossed lovers, paradise-turned-sour, vengeful powers at work, and all that shit," I say all of this; a puff of the cigarette acting as punctuation. "I would love to figure out where you or I went wrong, just so that I can make amends to whatever jealous deity we’ve offended. I’d even settle for some moral of the story or a life lesson to be learned. This just feels like some divine temper tantrum. 

Damn Greeks.

Bruce Lee’s daughter poster this today - Imgur

Bruce Lee’s daughter poster this today - Imgur

To the crazy ones


I’ve loved women I shouldn’t have and loved ones that I should have and didn’t take a chance on ‘em. I’ve loved some like a friend, like they were the sister I didn’t have, and I’ve loved some like a man loves a woman. I’ve loved the rough ones, the good ones, the quiet ones, the ambitious ones,…